No Shots. No School. Not True.

No Shots. No School. Not True.

As you begin to prepare for the new school year, remember that #parentscalltheshots. Contrary to the health and welfare generated school materials presented to parents at registration children CAN enroll in school without vaccines. Idaho has three vaccine exemptions religious, medical or philosophical.

Health Freedom Idaho brought a bill would require schools to provide parents with accurate information about vaccination exemptions during registration. The lawmakers denied this request for informed consent by the citizens. Instead, the Health Committee encouraged parents to inform each other of the school (and Health Department’s) blatant omission of information with the intent to confuse and deceive the public. 

The Health Department and School District’s No Shots – No School Campaign is in full swing. ITS A LIE! Idaho vaccine exemptions are available to families for religious, medical and philosophical reasons. DO NOT BE BULLIED!

Idahoans for Vaccine Freedom took to the streets and began educating parents at the school enrollment fair in West Ada County. This is the district that denied enrollment for a kindergartner because his mother followed the statute and provided the school a written statement in order to invoke her right to vaccine exemption. School Officials Discriminate: Deny Kinder Enrollment with legal immunization exemption

As of 2019, schools must accept a parent signed statement to invoke religious or philosophical exemptions. We repeat! 

The “immunization” exemption form is NOT REQUIRED! You can enroll your child in school as ‘exempt’ from the required school vaccines with a parental signed statement per Idaho statue 39-4802 -2.  

Here’s an example that a parent used for enrolling her elementary student. Printable PDF copy.

Keep in mind the schools will attach this statement to a Health Department generated form. Some parents feel safer lining out all information to keep the form being filled out on ‘parent’s behalf’.

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