Why I Won't Be Missing This Important Event

For 5 years I have been suffering from numerous autoimmune diseases and Lyme. My symptoms started before I was 30 years old and progressed each year. Despite being the healthiest I have ever been at that time, I was plagued with chronic fatigue, joint pain, mild depression, digestive issues, new food allergies, just to name a few. Having three children, meant that I didn't have time to be down and out because of my symptoms...but that doesn't mean my symptoms didn't try. I kept getting worse, and allopathic medicine only wanted to prescribe medication for the symptoms.

I knew enough about natural based healing to know this was the route I needed to take to actually begin my healing. I inherently knew my body had everything it needed to help me heal if given the right environment. So I researched... First, I started by eliminating inflammatory foods from my diet (gluten, dairy) and lowered my rheumatoid levels into the high normal range! Just from food alone! What was a great start! I started to feel a little better but was devastated when I had an autoimmune "flare up" a few months later...I thought I was in the clear because I had gone so long in between flare-ups! My shoulders ached so bad, it hurt to turn my steering wheel, I was too tired to play with my kids, and it took everything I had to continue to get through my master's program and do what I needed to do as a mother, wife, student, and employee. Giving up was never an option. I wouldn't let these unknown illness keep me down.

It was at this point I knew I needed more than just a diet change; I knew I needed more help in fighting these diseases. Fall of last year, I began seeing a naturopathic doctor and a chiropractor. Both were focused on detoxing and treatment through targeted and personalized means; both services were very complimentary to each other. And the most fantastic part??? We got to the root of my issues! I'm still in my healing journey, but I am happy to report, I haven't had a full-blown flare in a long time (since before I started treatment)...the longest span yet to be exact. I have more energy and significantly less pain. But the best part? My kids have their mom back! 
I'm getting my life back.

I hope you will join me at this event. It could be life changing. I know the "natural route" I took was - for me.

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