Will You Hear Us?

Will You Hear Us?

If you’re a parent, is it possible to look at the anguish on the face of this woman and not have a visceral reaction to it?

I see mother Karen Kaine’s with daughter Lorrin Danielle Kaine who suffered vaccine induced seizures from Vaccine Injury.
Wheelchair bound, one hundred percent dependent on her mother’s care, she never made any childhood gains and she had seizures every day for the rest of her life. 

I see parents Kerri and Cody holding their convulsing screaming toddler Kash who seized for 20 minutes as they rushed him to the ER where spent 10 days in a coma in the PICU. Kash’s reaction was to his one year MMR vaccine. He never had any other reaction to previous immunizations. He never completely recovered and has lifelong impacts to his vaccines.

I see parents like Marjorie and Nick Catone who selectively vaccinated, spacing out the toxins and yet woke up one morning to find their precious son gone. 

I see mothers who witnessed what happened to their child. They know. These mothers (and fathers) have been dragged through the mud. They have had people wish death and suffering on them and their families. They’ve had their own doctors and legislators disregard them and try to silence their voice as one of ‘misinformation’.

And you think you can scare them? Intimidate them? Get them to back down? Are you INSANE?

They’ve already been through more than any parent should- why would trolls scare them? Why would they be concerned with what their neighbor thinks? Or what their cousin thinks?

If this was your child… would anything stop you?

Not a chance. It’s not one in a million – its millions of children and adults damaged by vaccines. They aren’t speaking up to save their children – they are speaking up to save YOURS!


VAERS: Learn More About Vaccine Deaths


Learn the Risk


About the sculpture: This bronze sculpture resides in Glendive Montana created by Pamela Harr. 

THE PRICE (by Pamela Harr)

Narcissa Whitman was a missionary and first White woman to cross the Rockies on the Oregon Trail.  This poignant sculpture depicts Narcissa holding her daughter Alice age 2 1/2 who drowned in the river near their mission in Walla Walla, Washington.  Touched by the heart breaking story of the Sullivan family of seven  who all drowned in the Glendive flood of 1899 when the bridge went out, Pamela dedicated this sculpture to the sacrifice of pioneers and all who have lost children. 

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