Winter Dreams of Spring Gardening

The BEST way to have access to healthy food is to grow your own. The first question to ask is "When do I start your seeds for gardening? Which vegetable crops do I start indoors and which do I plant directly in the garden?
Well, it really depends on the climate conditions of your area, but the gist of it is that the closer you are to the equator the more likely you will be able to sow tender vegetable crop seeds like tomatoes and peppers outside because that climate is predictably warm. But if you are in a more temperate climate (like many of us in the U.S.), you'll need to start your tender crops indoors (either in a greenhouse or growing space in your home) until outdoor conditions are warm enough for you to transplant your seedlings.

That being said, the true first step is to pin point the last frost date of your area and calculate 2 weeks beyond that to get estimate a transplant date for your potential seedlings. Then, count back 8 weeks from that projected date and that is your latest possible indoor sowing date for your tender garden seeds. 

Tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, and cucumbers are among the popular tender crops. So, decide how many tender crops you'll want this year and how many cold hardy crops. Once decided, set aside your cold hardy seeds and focus primarily on starting your tender crops. Cold hardy plants and root crops are prime candidates for direct sowing because, as the title implies, they can withstand colder temperatures—in some cases require it, such as broccoli and cabbage. Other directing-sowing prime candidates are determined by the plants inability to withstand root damage when transplanting. So, keep that in mind but seed those seeds aside for a later date.

 Health Freedom Idaho received a generous donation of seeds from a local Boise seed co-op for our children's march last summer. These seeds are grown SNAKE RIVER SEED COOPERATIVE sells heirloom, non-gmo, open-pollinated seeds grown by 29 small, family farmers in the Intermountain West!
Recently we were introduced to Restoration seeds. This company's mission is to  restore the circle of heirloom and new savable seeds. To provide food sovereignty to our friends and families by providing 100% savable seeds. To support family farmers as a fair trade link to customers. They are based in the Northwest as well.

Snake River Seeds
Restoration Seed

Where do YOU get your seeds? What resources do you use to grow your family's healthy food?

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